Add sorting but ETC

Feature requests not specific to either the Mac OS X or GTK+ versions of Transmission
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Add sorting but ETC

Post by swooned »


Can you please add the option under View/Sort Transfers By .. the estimated time of completion? This would be so handy. Maybe it could be called 'Completion Time' or just 'ETA', which we all understand.

Many thanks. :)
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Re: Add sorting but ETC

Post by killemov »

In Shift there are views related to torrent status. When in the "Downloading" view you can see the ETA when hovering over the download speed column.
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Re: Add sorting but ETC

Post by rackmaster »

Seconded. Perhaps "Time Remaining" ??

I don't just want to know the Time Remaining - there's already an estimate in each row.

I want to Sort by how much time is remaining. This would help me know which downloads will be finishing soon, and which will take longer, so I can know when a good point to pause is coming.

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