add Torrent Tracker List

Feature requests not specific to either the Mac OS X or GTK+ versions of Transmission
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add Torrent Tracker List

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add option for autoupdate Torrent Tracker List to Increase Download Speed
for example
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Re: add Torrent Tracker List

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Automated for each torrent would be preferable.
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Re: add Torrent Tracker List

Post by Halord »

Even just a manual add a tracker would be nice.

There is a outstanding feature request for something that would at least give the ability to add them manually:
There is an outstanding API built that would enable this function:
There is an outstanding track for adding access to that call via the webinterface:

There is even a request to automatically merg torrents that seems to imply this ability already exists but in 2.94 I can't see a way to access it:
and a very old one calling for the ability:

All of this makes me think that what this needs is a dev who wants it to pitch in some time as the current devs seem to have no interest.
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