Magnet > file selection (ease of use)

Feature requests not specific to either the Mac OS X or GTK+ versions of Transmission
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Magnet > file selection (ease of use)

Post by WhiskeyTangoBourbon »

When adding a torrent with several files in it, via a torrent file (without magnet) the first window I’m presented with is the file selector—this can be very useful if you only require one or two files in a torrent with many files.

When adding a torrent via a magnet you are not presented with this window. The torrent is added wholesale.

I am aware you can open the inspector and nativate to the fifth tab therein and uncheck the files you do now want, but it would be a nicer UX were the user somehow presented with this window or similar when adding a magnet.

This new feature would worth investing in, IMO.
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Re: Magnet > file selection (ease of use)

Post by killemov »

Transmission is missing a stage in the total sequence of downloading a torrent. That is the exact moment when the metadata of a magnet is complete. Which is also the moment when you are able to select which files you actually want.
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