Remove Data File, crash upon crash

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Remove Data File, crash upon crash

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Happily seeding for months on end without so much as a glitch, the moment arrived to free up some of the 1TB hard disk space all of those 500+ torrents were occupying. Well, that 's where one happy ending ended as endings tend to end. Glitches galore.

>Transfers>Remove Date File …, reducing seeds to about 400, crash upon crash while at it. Logs attached may clarify.

Complimenting developer(s) on an otherwise excellent piece of work,

PS good grief! zip, crash, log and txt attachments are 'not allowed' - copy paste then it must be (4x)
PS2 now exceeding max number of characters allowed - cutting short
PS3 still willing to assist
PS4 why does …>Remove Data File … leave the enclosing folder behind every now and again?

<edit> plain pasted crash logs cut for thread'sreadability
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