Clearing all possible cache/file locations for Transmission app

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Clearing all possible cache/file locations for Transmission app

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Hey, I'm having trouble with a fantom torrent download. I'm trying to run current Apple Silicon nightly builds, but they crash under different conditions. One of the newer ones is adding a large .torrent file. I don't really know what causes the crash, is it the total size or the quantity of files, but after adding such .torrent the app stops working entirely. The thing is, I can still open a stable (Rosetta) version of the app that works just fine, however when I try to add the same .torrent file — it says the download already exists. Though the UI doesn't show any current downloads and nightly build keeps crashing on open.

Clearly, the download is cached somewhere with a broken file (maybe incomplete based on nightly crash), so I wanted to know where it can be located.

Right now I've tried to delete anything related to Transmission based on this post:
x190 wrote: Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:50 am #1 Move the following folders/files to your Desktop for later disposal.

~/Library/Application Support/Transmission (.torrents can be found here and can be re-added to Transmission. Use "Move Data File To..." (enclosing folder) and "Verify Local Data" as necessary.)
~/Library/Preferences/org.m0k.transmission.plist (re-do Preferences after installation)

#2 Trash the .app.
However, even though the stable app gives a welcome message, the nightly build still crashes on opening. Maybe there are some temp caches for nightly builds I don't know about? Thanks in advance.
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