Ventura OS 13 files say complete but not completed

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Ventura OS 13 files say complete but not completed

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Ever since I went MacOS 13 Ventura V13.0 & now V13.01 I have had a nightmare with torrents. Yes, I have been using nightlies as they seemed best on macOS 12 Monterey prior to this. I have tried the official beta 4 release instead of nightlies & even the latest V3 also to no avail (same deal). I am currently on Transmission 4 Build #8524 and have gone back to earlier nightlies & same same & no different. Lots of crashes too. :oops:

I have run Onyx and ClemMyMac prior to Ventura installation and afterwards to clean up the OS so I don't think its me. I run a Macbook Pro 16" i9 Intel 64Gb ram.

Even though those torrents were reported as completed, the progress bar green, when I highlight the torrent and do a "Verify Local Data" in many cases say 78% Verify data updates and says that the file is actually 81% or 92% or 99% complete. On the 99.9% complete ones Transmission says it is downloading say 1800k a sec the final bits but my network monitoring software (istat menus and activity monitor) say there is no incoming download happening. Transmission says this big download is happening for say 30 minutes (way longer than it needs to get the final 0.1%) and then crashes when I pause that torrent and go do another verify data.

I've downloaded thousands of torrents on Transmission before, this has never been a problem until Ventura :shock:

I am wondering if the nightly coders have tried out Transmission on Ventura and could give us an idea on if they can fix it, please? :?:

My current solution has to been save the torrent file, delete the .part on the end of my 70-99.9% complete files and reverify and download in another app "WebTorrent". This works but has been very painful getting to this point and I have been using Transmission for decades love the interface, low memory and CPU usage etc. I would love to see it stable again on the current Mac OS thanks. :D

<3 Alien :mrgreen:
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Re: Ventura OS 13 files say complete but not completed

Post by darmok »

I'm not sure of all the details of "Verify Local Data"... It does seem to throw away a lot, forcing the torrent to re-download.

If Transmission has difficulties downloading a torrent, getting chunks that don't pass muster, it will tell you to run the verify local data. If Transmission finishes a torrent normally (automatically starting seeding), call it good!

- Dan.
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