Transmission Dock Item - alter behaviour?

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Transmission Dock Item - alter behaviour?

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I wondered is this an OSX feature that Trans Mac developer has not leveraged OR is it something I have not turned on (e.g. Transmission preference file)?
Yosemite 10.10.3/Transmission 2.84 (14306)

OSX has the ability to drag a file onto the dock app, and the docked app intiate an action.

This behaviour is similar to what we see in Trans Mac Client currently, when we drag a physical file onto the open Trans Mac Client, it automatically creates a torrent (e.g. new torrent window pops up all filled out and we simply have to click create -- a very very nice feature, thankyou!)

I have docked apps, where instead of opening the app to do the drag and drop of the file, I can simply drag and drop it straight on the docked item e.g. email and other non -standard osx items. I wondered can I make Trans Mac Client behave this way via changing a setting or preference OR is this something only the developer can add?

thankyou for your time

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