Transmission Mac inconsistency hash checking partially completed torrents

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Transmission Mac inconsistency hash checking partially completed torrents

Postby prohtex » Thu May 11, 2017 11:17 pm

I am having trouble with Transmission Mac 2.92 GUI when re-adding torrents that were previously downloaded to completion. Often, I need to reseed torrents what were removed after they finished downloading. In this situation, I expect Transmission will complete a hash check and resume seeding at 100%. Often, this is not the case. Transmission's default behavior is to initiate a hash check in the background. About 30% of the time, this check aborts prematurely and Transmission begins redownloading data unnecessarily. It seems the default check is not the same process as the "Verify Local Data" option (or is not executed in the same fashion).

When I re-add a torrent that I know should hash to 100%, and it only completes to, say 70% or so, selecting "Verify Local Data" in either the "Add torrent" window or in the main window, will always cause the hash to complete fully. The result is that every single time I add a torrent, I have to manually select "Verify Local Data" to ensure Transmission completes the hash properly.

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