How to Reinitialize after Clean Install w/TimeMachine

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How to Reinitialize after Clean Install w/TimeMachine

Postby IAmFumikaP » Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:52 pm

New here and been using the app for a while now. By far the most potable Torrent client on OS X but I've run into some issues. My Mac got to cluttered that I've decided to finally start a new and clean install my os, but before that making sure that I make a decent backup with Time Machine and proceeding with starting up as a new user. After reinstalling Transmission I've come upon a stumbling block, I don't know how to reinitialize my old downloads that I'm seeding and downloading. Is there a place where transmission could have kept the download/upload queues and/or preferences from my previous run so I could run Transmission again as if nothing happened?

Thanks in advanced.

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