Real memory soars past 800mb after opening preferences

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Real memory soars past 800mb after opening preferences

Post by losiledlighting » Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:57 am

Hi all,

I searched and searched for posts discussing this issue and couldn't find anything, so here goes.

Every time I open Transmission Preferences, it takes at least 10 seconds for the prefs window to appear, then Activity Monitory shows Transmission's real memory usage soaring past 800mb. This happens whether I have active torrents or no torrents at all. I've uninstalled using AppZapper and reinstalled 1.51, but that doesn't do a thing. I quit all apps, menu extras, etc., but that made no difference, either.

I created another user and tried it there as well, same thing.

I also installed the latest nightly build. Same problem.

Any ideas?

iMac Core Duo, 20"

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