Freeze when writing to external drive

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Freeze when writing to external drive

Post by ctrlfreq »

I'm having an issue where when setting a torrents destination to an external drive, Transmission locks up and gets the beachball. If I close the app and reopen, I get the same thing. The only way to fix is to reinstall and select an internal drive to download to.

macOS Catalina 10.15.4
Transmission 2.94
External drive WD_Black 8TB

Transmission has full disk access so it should be able to write anywhere and I am the admin on the mac. I checked for crash logs, but none are there.
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Re: Freeze when writing to external drive

Post by ksec »

I am guessing your file is quite big? Transmission will actually have to write an empty file on the NAS first before it is downloaded. And that empty file will be the size of your download. Depending on usage this action might take a long time and casques it felt as stalled. ( Although sometimes it does actually stall )
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