Moving TRansmission to a New Mac?

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Moving TRansmission to a New Mac?

Post by sapper_arj »

Afternoon all.

I have been using Transmission on an ad-hoc basis for a while now and find it easy to use and well pretty good. But I am still relatively new with macs, so forgive me if this appears to be a simple question.

I am about to get a Mac Mini and would like to transfer my Transmission usage from my Mac Pro onto my Mac mini.

How can I go about this please and keep my existing downloads? I download onto an external HDD so the data files will be the same. But how do I move the relevant data files in Transmission onto the new Mac when I have installed it?

Or can I re-install using Time Machine from my Mac_Pro?

Yours, curiously

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Re: Moving TRansmission to a New Mac?

Post by VyseLegendaire »

You can do time machine or a restore to do this easily. But there is another way to locate all the necessary files. Check out the free app AppCleaner and search for all relevant files for Transmission. By clicking the search lens icon it will show them in finder. You can manually move the needed supporting files to the right place on the new PC and it should work the same. Be careful about mixing and matching OS's and program versions though.
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Re: Moving TRansmission to a New Mac?

Post by declared »

Bump - I am pretty much doing the same thing but moving from a classic MacPro with 16TB internal storage to a MacBook Pro with just 512gb - I presume I can just use an external drive ? I presume I could just stick one of my old machines in a case and that would be fine ?
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