Randomly Stops Working

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Randomly Stops Working

Post by texabilly71 »


i have a 2019 imac running 10.15.6 (catalina). transmission seems to randomly stop working. by working, i mean seeding or downloading. i have a lot of torrents going and a lot of them are very popular so its not that nobody is downloading. it seems random b/c some days it'll run for hours before stopping. other days it won't even make an hour.

also, when i try to quit the app, the window closes but the menu bar says its still active. i have to force quit. if i try to restart the app, it will just bounce in the bar. the only way to get the app to run again is to restart the computer. i have to do this multiple times a day.

does anybody have any fixes for these issues? love the app. i just want it to work properly so i can get my ratio up. i'm no freeloader! really appreciate the advice in advance.

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Re: Randomly Stops Working

Post by Rick1 »

MacPro3,1 early 2008
Maverick 10.9.5
Transmission 2.94
except for difference in Mac hardware and OS
the only other difference I am aware of is not having to restart Mac before Transmission will run again

the basic problem details ARE ALL THE SAME - 2000 to zero seeding anywhere from 1 to 24 hours.

Never know if 2000 or zero will still be seeding within one hour, up to ten times a day or once day.

Also, although 439 views since Aug 2, 2020, still not even one suggested solution for problem below.
It is included in the hope of new viewers willing to help when they check out the 'Randomly Stops Working' problem


Item in client - search result field empty

Post by Rick1 » Tue Jul 28, 2020 12:54 am
Transmission 2.94 (d8e60ee44f)
Mac OSX 10.9.5 Maverick

Never any problems in many years of using.
Now when item in client is searched for, the search result field is empty.
[much more detailed explanation at link]


299 views of 'Random' - 441 views of 'Items in client' with ZERO support from staff
If you do not like the way my requests for help were presented, PLEASE be polite enough to let me, us, know what you need to temp you out from wherever you have been hiding instead of providing what title of this forum suggests will be provided here.
After running my eye down total 'Replies/Views' in the past year, perhaps it should be put this way

OR at least someone be honest enough to step forward to tell us there no longer is real support by creators of Transmission for loyal Transmission users.

Especially when no answer to "Why would Transmission 2.94 request Calendar and Contacts access" from March 8, 2020, with 4439 Views.
viewtopic.php?f=4&t=20249&sid=c0c36476d ... 64b4b1a18d

Sounds like a very important question, in regards to our technical safety, to me.
And very sketchy when not answered after 4437 views.

Am I shooting myself in the foot, burning non existent bridges, or should these questions be hurting the non existent 'Support, or their non existent credibility' after refusing to tell us why information from our calendar and contacts is now being asked for. BUT you can still ask us for donations.

I really am not as interested in why I no longer have a working search feature, or why all seeding randomly stops, as I am over why no one will tell us why, after all the years of not needing it, we would be asked for "Calendar and Contact access now? Why would it request them at all?"

Cheers Rick :? :roll:
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