Transmission Big Sur Issues

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Re: Transmission Big Sur Issues

Post by macbrush »

Well... at this point I pretty much given up on Transmission.
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Re: Transmission Big Sur Issues

Post by Carbonide »

Me too, after several frustrating months quitting and restarting Transmission ormaking sure I don't exceed a couple of simultaneous torrents, I'm now using qBittorrent. I don't like its interface and somehow it only downloads at a fraction of Transmission speeds, but at least I can let it running without any fear of my active connections to stop suddenly.
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Re: Transmission Big Sur Issues

Post by mgnewman »

I wonder if this is actually a Big Sur issue. I'm still on Catalina and have notice recently that the chosen port gets closed after a while and Transmission grinds to a halt. If I click "Randomize", Transmission eventually finds an open port and resumes transfers. I gave up on a Little Snitch and uninstalled it several months ago, so that's not the problem. I'm using an AirPort Extreme with "Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocol" enabled. This is with Transmission 3.0. I did not see this problem on prior versions.
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Re: Transmission Big Sur Issues

Post by cadoten306 »

What other apps are people using and how are they transferring their transmission half downloaded torrents to a new app?
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