Did I leave torrents paused too long?

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Did I leave torrents paused too long?

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I accidentally left all torrents paused for maybe 5 days or so. Just tried to download a new torrent & it showed up in the pane, but no activity (there are hundreds of seeders). I re-started all torrents (guessing 100 or so), but none of them would actually restart (no activity). I quit (had to force quit), turned off computer & restarted...now I can't even get transmission to open. (I'm on an old imac (10.6.8), it does happen occasionally, I always blamed my being on an old computer...re-starting usually got things going again, but not this time).

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Did I leave torrents paused too long?

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Can I pause a torrent download then shut down a PC and continue after What do seeders and leeching have to do with torrent?
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