Extremely Low Transfer Speed from Incomplete Folder to Destination

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Extremely Low Transfer Speed from Incomplete Folder to Destination

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I am wondering if there are any adjustments I need to make to speed up the file transfer of a completed download. I have noticed very slow transfer speeds when a torrent completes and its moving from my incomplete folder, (on an internal SSD) to my media DAS (a Drobo Connected over Thunderbolt 2).

This same speed issue is present when I use the contextual menu on a given torrent to "Move File To…"

If I were to just move the file via the Finder it would transfer much faster. All downloads seem to pause, or at least stop transferring data while this move happens -- though looking at some other threads this might be expected behavior -- but the overall time it takes for any transfer to complete seems excessive.

I have run a few speed tests on my internal SSD and my Drobo. The Drobo gets about 250-280MB/s Write, and 500 Read. Even on the low side of of that write speed a 60GB file, or small collection of files (often 10-15 files) seems like it should only take about 5 minutes at 200MB/s? It often take me 20+ minutes through Transmission.

Given that I want the file to continue seeding moving with Transmission seems like the most reliable way to ensure this. I know I could manually move the file and then direct Transmission to its new location but that seems like a very manual process for many many torrents?

Id appreciate any suggestions anyone has for this.
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