Enlarge font?

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Enlarge font?

Post by NHeim »


Love transmission, although a small request. Is there any possibility to enlargen the font? Got a Macbook Air with a 1440x900 resolution and the letter gets very small. Would be great if there would be a way for me to change the font size.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Enlarge font?

Post by livings124 »

We're using font sizes that are consistent with Mac OS X apps. Universal Access in System Preferences might get you what you want, though.
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Re: Enlarge font?

Post by anthony11 »

Update: most macOS apps these days allow one to scale everything (Firefox ftw) or at least specify fonts (eg. Mail.app). Since 2011 it has become much more common for people to use full Retina pixels on laptops, and 4K / 5K monitors. Transmission is very much behind the times in 2021.
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Re: Enlarge font?

Post by clevernoggin »

The font sizes are actually a tad tinier than Mac OS X apps though. Measuring in Retina pixels right now, capital letters in filenames in Transmission are 17px tall, while in Finder they're 18px. So it does seem like they need to be a tad bigger to be consistent with other Mac apps.

On the other hand, I think that just needs to be corrected, no zoom option required. First thing I do buying a new MacBook is to set the display size to "scaled" and a notch to the left to make letters large enough across all apps. That's really the correct answer here -- scale your display. Having to scale applications individually seems a bit silly. And truly, most applications *don't* support that at all. E.g. Finder doesn't have an option to make text larger AFAIK.
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