Time Machine backup exclusion option

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Time Machine backup exclusion option

Post by smorgasbord »

I'd like to see a per torrent option for selecting whether or not the torrent is excluded from Time Machine backups during download.

It is possible to manually remove the TM exclusion by editing Library/Preferences/com.apple.TimeMachine.plist but it'd be more handy and intuitive to have a toggle available within the Torrent Inspector.
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Re: Time Machine backup exclusion option

Post by rwb »

If I'm understanding you correctly, you're asking for something which can already be done in Time Machine Preferences:

Click the 'Options...' button and then, in the next window, click on '+', and select the folders which you want excluding from Time Machine backups.
After completion of downloads / seeding / etc., go back to that window, select the folder and then click on the '-' button.

Having said that, a 'Toggle' button in Transmission would be handy - but how could it actually be implemented? Maybe a script could be used? On the other hand, that could be more difficult than it at first sounds.
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