Custom filters and improved sorting!

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Custom filters and improved sorting!

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It would be great if one could save/bookmark his often used filter searches. For example you often use the search bar to search for torrents from "Tracker X".
Instead of typing it down every time you could just add "Tracker X" next to the "Downloading", "Paused" etc. filters and use it quickly.

I'm sure that would be handy for many of Transmission users. That's a quite flexible and simple feature, hope you could add it!

Another nice thing (although more complicated to implement, I think) would be the ability to create sub-groups within the colored ones. This again is tracker-oriented
(at least for me, since I use mostly private trackers and have to maintain a certain ratio - probably everybody could find their own way to use it):

you could create a group "Tracker X' - that automatically is added to every torrent that is using the "Tracker X" - that is already implemented functionality BUT
within that group you could create sub-groups to sort torrents, for example, to "movies", "music", "whatever" etc. AND create a custom directory for each
of these sub-groups
- again, a functionality that is already existent. That way Transmission could take care of most of the file sorting that most of us do manually.
I realize it could be a bit tricky to construct such system that does not allow to create colliding criteria - for example a torrent including two trackers that are assigned to
different groups or containing keywords that were specified for two different sub-groups (like "music" and "movies"). But I'm sure if some more criteria options would be available
(like file extensions or sizes, for example) there should be a way to work it out.

I hope I expressed the idea clearly (I tried my best! :) ) and that it would catch the attention of some of you. Let me know if you like it and what other purposes would you use it for.
And maybe the developers could comment if they see such a feature taken into consideration!

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