Basic Malware Protection

Feature requests for the Mac OS X version of Transmission
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Basic Malware Protection

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Make Transmission "security conscious" and help make the Mac community more secure.

Transmission should be compatible with Snow Leopard's internal LSQuarantine framework check.
Transmission should be compatible with the free ClamXAv

After all the file blocks have downloaded, and before Transmission provides an alert that the download is complete, Transmission should perform a basic verification of the downloaded file – check to see if it is flagged by Snow Leopard’s LSQuarantine and also if ClamXAv is installed – tell ClamXAv to scan the successfully downloaded file.

After both of these checks have been successful, Transmission will then alert the user that the file is complete.

I STRONGLY believe that although the Transmission team is not required to do security (it's the user's responsibility), I think the team should be "a good citizen" and at least recognize these 2 security mechanisms on a users computer and take advantage of them (if available).

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