Two minor issues

Feature requests for the Mac OS X version of Transmission
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Two minor issues

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Transmission v2.30b2 (12369), Mac OS X (Intel)

I encountered two minor "issues" that I think should be "fixed" at some point:

a) as long as torrents cannot be grouped into something like collapsed subfolders (at least visually) one will have to manually move entries to put them in a desired order. But you have to be a ninja to drop your selection at a new position because the blue line that appears (once you hover over the spot between two existing entries) disappears after about 0.5 seconds. I understand this is probably a feature so you can cancel your move operation at this point and your selection simply snaps back to where it came from, but 0.5 is just a tad short. This becomes more annoying the larger the list is you are sorting, as scrolling is also way too fast in my opinion and it can turn the whole operation into a quite frustrating endeavor.

b) when you want to save the .torrent files for multiple entries (e.g. as a backup or because you might be moving to a different machine) you will not only be asked for confirmation for each entry ("save") but also to choose the file extension (e.g. .torrent or .avi?); a "save for all" would be nice here.

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