Retina Assets

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Retina Assets

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I was looking at the web interface and noticed there wasn't a Retina favicon, so I looked in the Resources directory to see if there were any images that could be used to make a higher resolution favicon. I found a FavIcon@2x.png file which I'm not sure where it's used but it is not actually Retina, it is the same size (and renders smaller in QuickLook) than the non @2x version.

The code below lists PNG files where the bytes non-@2x bytes equal the @2x ones.

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#!/usr/bin/env python

import os


last = ""
for f in os.listdir("."):
	if f[-3:] == "png":
		if last == os.stat(f).st_size:
			print f, os.stat(f).st_size
		last = os.stat(f).st_size
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