Ability to sort files in multiple areas

Feature requests for the Mac OS X version of Transmission
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Ability to sort files in multiple areas

Post by ainstushar »

When adding a torrent with a lot of files, I personally find it helpful if I can sort files (by name/size...). I find it weird that the most feature rich torrent on mac client lacks that functionality. I would like to have the sorting options when adding new torrent files and in the info panel.

Also, on a side note, I think in the priorities, there should be an option to not download a file after it's done downloading. I know it sounds weird. Think of it this way. If my HDD is not big enough for the entire torrent, I can download 10 files and then I can remove them in the client and select next 10 files. I know some of the other torrent clients have the option to remove the files after they are done downloading.

Thanks. And keep up the good work. It's the best client on OS X by far!
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Re: Ability to sort files in multiple areas

Post by racemus »

It's such a shame that best client on mac almost has no file management features requested more than 10 years ago for the first time. I have a torrent with 3000+ files right now. I have some of it, make a local verify data. I need about 100 of these files and i can't find/filter/sort them. It's real pain in ass to scroll and check percentage with eyes one by one.
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