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Feature requests for the Mac OS X version of Transmission
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Re: Transmission Icon

Post by Stairhopper »

Really liking the improvements if I'm honest! I think the red just stands out more and is indeed noticeably brighter, but not overwhelmingly so. Same with the greys too! I agree it should stay at that level though, it's reached the point where it doesn't need to get any lighter really. I'm all for it, so I guess we'll see if it'll get implemented! Great work!
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Re: Transmission Icon

Post by Kibo »

Thank you for the compliments, Stairhopper!

Remember that no matter what the official icon is, you can always just cut and paste any icon you like, old or new, onto an app, provided you have a transparent .png:

1.) Open the new icon's .png file in Preview, then press Command-A and then Command-C to copy the image.

2.) Open the Applications folder, click once on the app the app to highlight it, Command-I to Get Info, click once on the little icon preview at the top left of the Info window to highlight it, and Command-V to paste the image.

That only replaces the main app icon -- it doesn't get you the matching "document" icon or any separately-optimized small ones (such as the 16x16 versions I've been building) but it gives you a way to put a new icon on that'll show up in the Finder, the Dock, etc. at any size. (You might have to log out and in again for the Dock to update.) This is non-destructive -- to undo the customization, simply cut the icon back out of the Get Info window with Command-X, and the one that came with the app will reappear.

Should you wish to experiment with that sort of customization, here's a .zip file containing .png examples of all the current and previous official large icons I was able to find, as well as 512px renders of my proposed ones: ... rpasting_1

Lots of shiny gearshifts to choose from!

(I only made the ones that have "Kibo" in the filename. The others were contributed by various people back when; if I recall correctly, Hugo did the most recent official Mac one.)
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Re: Transmission Icon

Post by mike.dld »

Those last icons with brighter base look better, especially on small sizes, but I still find it out of place. Maybe it's the soft-lighted handle that makes it look kind of plastic and/or cartoon-ish? IMHO.
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Re: Transmission Icon

Post by negativeions »

I like the apple_style one but in all honesty, the current icon is fine. I like it a lot. Apple's own icons aren't really even style consistent so I don't see any problem.
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Re: Transmission Icon

Post by thorbust »


I would like to contribute a redesigned icon for transmission on macOS. I tried to stay as close as possible to the original one, because of its uniqueness, but with a more modern touch. The redesigned icon is more in par with the macOS design language, and looks well adjacent the other mac icons.

Feel free to provide feedback and possible improvements.

It seems that you can’t attach any more files to this thread so I will provide a dropbox link with the .icns file and some screenshots on how the icon looks on the dock. ... SjpVa?dl=0

Looking forward on hearing your feedback!
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