Install Transmission on WD My Cloud (NAS)

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Install Transmission on WD My Cloud (NAS)

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Dear community,

I end up here after having tried to update my transmission on my WD My Cloud..

Here is a summary of my problem:

I have been using Transmission for years (this webGUI interface more specifically: Image)

It has the great advantage of making my files available for private community when I'm not home. I could not be happier with the way it was working. The problem is that I need to update the version of Transmission in order to be able to keep using it on private tracker. The version I have at the moment is obsolete
In order to install it on my NAS, I just followed this tutorial: ... 2018/93424

=> So I enabled SSH connexion via my Mac and just followed instructions. The problem is that this user does not provide any support anymore for recent versions (2.94 would be perfect).

Could someone explain me step by step how to proceed to install it? I have very limited knowledge.. I only know how to connect to my NAS using SSH but then I do not really understand how to install Transmission..

Would be more than thankful to the person who can help me out whit this !! :)

Have a great day people
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