batch saving the torrent files

Feature requests for the Mac OS X version of Transmission
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batch saving the torrent files

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Hello there,

When you need to recover a torrent file from the torrent list in transmission you can select the torrent files and select : "Files/save the torrent files under..."

but if you have 4000 seeding torrents you have to press enter 4000 times!! which is a pain in the.....

Please!!! make a simple batch to export in 1 click all the selected files!

with an option : ask the user what to do if a file already exist. Because some times you can seed 1 torrent on 2 different trackers so you can export 2 time the same torrent name.

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Re: batch saving the torrent files

Post by Ericka44 »

This solution uses the 'source' plugin packaged with rutorrent. First i changed the default behavior of rutorrent to save a .torrent to a specified .
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