Tribler "a different BitTorrent client"

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Tribler "a different BitTorrent client"

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Was browsing the new releases on Macupdate and stumbled onto something called Tribler, and which was described as a new sort of BitTorrent app and protocol. I'm generally very very pleased with Transmission and have tried many others over the years rejected all of them for various reasons, but the main one is they had horrible user interfaces. Transmission is awesome because it has plenty of options, but you aren't forced to deal with a giant window divided into various sections overviewing just what all is going on. And it looks and feels like a proper Mac app, many of these other apps I have looked at were, at best, functional/usable cross-platform abominations.

Tribler intrigued me because they claim to have just engineered a new TOR-influenced protocol that operates the same as BitTorrent does already, but uses a number of layers of proxies and other techniques to obfuscate your activity. In other words, it would make it impossible for BIG HOLLYWOOD to figure out that on Aug 14 2022, at IP address such-and-such, a copyrighted item was downloaded. Causing you to get a warning letter from your ISP.

Yes, one can always run a VPN, and I generally do but there have been slip ups where i disconnected the VPN and didnt realize something I had downloaded was still in the queue and seeding, so now i'm exposed. Anyway, for various reasons it is not practical to run one around the clock, so something new that basically eliminated the necessity of one entirely would not be unwelcome.

The entry for Tribler on Macupdate is at

And their official website is at

They seem to have something they have put a fair amount of work into this, and it does seem to work decently from the small amount that I used it, but their app GUI for macOS leaves a LOT to be desired. This is open source so it might be worth checking into it - the TOR-style anonymity would be a very nice thing to have in Transmission.


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