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Re: SOCKS proxy support

Post by TomE » Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:30 pm

Please include my vote in support of the return of proxy support.

I've found no reasonable explanation behind why the developer removed proxy support subsequent to 2.11. The best I've come up with is here, and it makes no sense to me: "I decided to remove the feature, intentionally without announcement, to see how many people noticed, and to use that feedback to determine how important proxies are."

Well, many people immediately noticed and they complained about it. No one ever said, "Hey, thanks for doing that," just the opposite. For over 5 years the demand to return the proxy settings has been overwhelming. Yet it still hasn't been restored.

If anything there is even more demand now for internet security and privacy, and this is evidenced in the huge numbers of people subscribing to proxy and vpn services. To tell us that we should just change our Network prefs and load our proxy setting there is only viable for some. The fact is that's a major inconvenience for many of the rest of us it's not a workable solution at all, and other forum members have already given good explanations as to why that's so.

In my case I need to use both vpn and socks5 proxy, but I only want and need to proxy for bittorrent traffic. I know from personal experience the risks of relying on vpn alone because vpn connections do occasionally go down, leaving one vulnerable to having their real IP exposed in a swarm. Running both vpn and proxy is significant added insurance.

So, please, let's just have some honesty here Transmission dev team. Why did you guys really remove the proxy settings? Was there some outside pressure? Legal threats? What really happened? Knowing that will, in all likelihood, will also explain the reason why it's never been restored in spite of the overwhelming support for it. Please just come clean about this.

And please don't now give us a repeat of this: "Locked duplicate thread. This has been asked, and answered, before." No, you haven't answered these questions. Please do us the courtesy of an honest response by full disclosure.

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Re: SOCKS proxy support

Post by lazioman » Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:30 am

There's no good whinging about it. Just change provider, if it's not safe then tell everybody what is.

Deluge seems to offer Proxy support, still have to be careful though:

ref: ... ght-notice

Alternatively, use a seedbox, which let's others do the hard work on their faster-than-fast connections and then you just d/l the final file from them via your p2p software. But that costs money. So does a VPN, but not much. It just depends how much you use it.

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