move files after seed ratio is met

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move files after seed ratio is met

Post by hlheavyd »

hi all, and to whom this may concern,

My first post here and a long time user of transmission and donator.. Love the app.

i did search before posting this. Im finding myself doing this manually and would wonder if this could get into the transmission app.

I would like to see the ability to move files/folders to a different location after i have seeded them to the ratio i have set. This is already being done sort of, downloading to one folder, and once it's complete being moved to another folder. Can we get another option to move seeded files folders to a different folder?

Love the app Keep up the great work

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Re: move files after seed ratio is met

Post by prokey »

Vote +1

I too would like to see this feature. I like to seed from my primary HDD since the transfer speeds are higher than USB. After seeding is finished, my files get moved to an external HDD (manually). If the files are moved automatically after seeding completes, that would be a huge timesaver.

This could be done by changing the option for sound after seeding completes to Script Launch on Completion, and adding an AppleScript to move the selected file and remove the torrent from Transmission. It could be a drop-down menu that lets you choose from playing a sound, launching a script, setting a color label to the finder item, or all of the above.

Another possibility is to set the file's color label in finder. This is an easy workaround. I use Noodlesoft's Hazel application to watch folders for color labels. If a torrent file or folder becomes green, Hazel could perform a set action (move the file to External HDD). This would be a workaround at best because the orphaned torrent would still be in Transmission, and still need to be manually removed.

Just a few suggestions on how to make this amazing client even better.

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Re: move files after seed ratio is met

Post by xtoik »

I have also felt the need of have this feature and I have built an application to accomplish that work. The requisites for running it are having the mono execution environment installed and configuring transmission to expose its web server (at least for the localhost if the utility runs locally).

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mono MoveAfterSeeding.exe 
I use it daily in my environment (in fact it is installed on my crontab) and it is stable. In any case I will be glad to help with any issues you may encounter, just log them here:

Any feedback will be welcome.
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