Speed Limit Mode - Make It More Obvious..!

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Speed Limit Mode - Make It More Obvious..!

Post by Kilamite »

I love Transmission - I'm really appreciative of your guys efforts and I don't know where my torrents would be without it.

However, today, I accidently enabled Speed Limit mode (the key combo - my menu bar showed Safari yet OS X was still in Transmission..) so I pressed CMD+L to go to the Safari address bar, nothing happened. Clicked on it manually thinking nothing less of it, then a couple of minutes later, noticed my Torrents were stuck at 10kb/s and not doing anything!

I instantly assumed something was up with my internet - Virgin Media probably capping me. I do a Speed Test online, find I am actually being capped (though to 2MB/s down from 10MB/s) and began tinkering with OS X and my Airport Settings! During this, I did half notice my web browsing was really sluggish. I reset my router and modem, and no luck!

Finally, I noticed the wee blue icon showing that I had enabled Speed Limit mode was on, so unchecked it and we were rocketing away again! I guess the reason my web browsing was sluggish when Speed Limiter was on was because it had a higher upload rate (10KB/s up). When Virgin throttles me, my max upload is 5KB/s so it was no wonder my web browsing was sluggish!

Thought I'd share my slap on the face story with you guys! Though it would be nice if it was more obvious when Speed Limit mode was enabled, such as making the Transmission icon change colour or the actual transfer window to go from blue to a red?
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Re: Speed Limit Mode - Make It More Obvious..!

Post by baluba »

I registered here to suggest the same thing. The date of the original post makes me a little disheartened though.

I turned the speed limit (and schedule) on when I was using someone else's internet, and then completely forgot about it after a few weeks. When I got back home I started troubleshooting my router, wifi channel, ports...the usual stuff.

It'd be great if speed limit mode was made more prominent, like a turtle icon overlay in the dock, or in the individual torrents' rows.
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