Information about seeders and leechers

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Information about seeders and leechers

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The idea is to show how many seeders and leeches are.
On the picture S stands for seed and L for leech (obvious).
first number is how many seeders are we connected to, second in brackets how many seeders Transmission got from trackers
same idea with leechers.

If for a while (ex.3 days) there is no seed in brackets then I can assume that torrent is dead. Some might say that i can do that by checking the list with trackers, yes but way that I present is a lot easier.


I tried to do that but only think a accomplished is to display additional letters I intended but values aren't correct.
Any tuts or guides? I don't know where to find numbers of seedersKnow, seedersConnected, leechesKnown, and leechesConnected.
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