Revert filtering feature to previous state

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Revert filtering feature to previous state

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Starting from some recent version you replaced a set of buttons that allow to see what torrents are in particular state (ie, download, seed, paused etc) with single combo.

After you relased a 2.10, these release was discussed on quite famous Russian linux forum There several people (including me) were complaing that that change (buttons -> combo) is stupid. Now you need to do 2 clicks instead of one to get what you want.

Could you please revert this or at least make it optional?

Below are some my personal ideas/suggestions (maybe its not a proper place to write them here, but humas are lazy.. :)). please read them and evaluate

* after I saw that combo with states, I tried to switch to Qt version, since it still? use old approach. After really short amount of time I got feeling that Qt version much worse than Gtk. Here is small list of things that I noticed:
1 Eats more cpu
2 Slow UI(some actions are being executed with some timeout after my clicks). I have to say that other Qt apps on my laptop runnig OK
3 Sometimes pops up from tray after second click
4 produces more IO. Do noty sure how this can happen, since this are in core (hope it is :)), so UI should not influe on this anyway.
* Now cli UI is not included into default install (hope I am right). I am sure it would be much nice to get everything after you performed an installation
* Queues. I know you have a ticket for this. But... Quite often I run into situation when some torrent is being downladed slowly. I this case I would like to have smart queue(s?): one is loading torrent(s) (I prefer to do it 1 by 1, but I think there might be users that like other number) that is being downloaded fast (I think it should be some configurable level/number); another queue loads torrents that is being downloaded slowly (with speed below our param). I understand its not a super easy task, but I am think its possible to impement this feature.
* UI. your app have quite simple and inelaborate UI. In most cases it pretty clear what particular button is doing or option means. But I saw that anvanced users were confused/not sure how to do some thing they need. My bad, I do not remember full detalis. My suggestion here is to organize some kind of brainstorm for new UI.
* maybe also you will like the idea to develop/support two versions of software: stable branch(where new features are added when they became polished/'approved' by users in activly developed branch). I know couple (I guess there should be more) of projects that go this way: Midnight Commander, Nginx, Python, Asterix.

Thats all. Thanks a lot for great software. I think amoung linux torrent downloaders you are for sure in TOP-3
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