Open folder button?

Feature requests for the GTK+ version of Transmission
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Open folder button?

Post by Whaa »

Is there any chance to add an open folder button like in the Mac version, next to the progressbar?
I'm not sure if this can be easily implemented in GTK but if not, an option to choose the default double-click action (open or properties) would be more than enough and it shouldn't be very hard to do.
Thanks :)
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Make double click useful

Post by Starko »

I don't know about others but out of all (a few thousands) times i downloaded a torrent , maybe in 0.001% of them i had been interested in torrent properties. On the other hand, opening the containing folder is something that i HAD to do approximately 110-120% of the times...
So every time i have to right mouse click and then move the mouse to exactly the spot where that menu item is, which is not always at the same place (menu moves up for items close to the bottom of the window), then click on the menu... another second wasted :( So every time i think - can't it be made easier?

As long as the download is going on, double-clicking could bring properties window. Once download is complete it would be be great if double-clicking could open the folder instead. Btw i think this is how it's done in uTorrent.

And now some simple arithmetic : let's say there are 10000 torrents downloaded daily with Transmission. Let's say on average one must move the mouse ~2 cm to the Open Folder menu... that makes it almost half a marathon a day of wasted effort... in one year it's 7300 km... In last 5 years Transmission has been responsible for 35000 km of needless suffering worldwide! Almost a trip around the world!!! Now add to it the 18.000.000 extra useless clicks here... 18.000.000 seconds = 5000 hours down the drain ... more than 200 days lost just opening the stupid folder ... :o

And maybe just a couple of hours of effort and 10-20 lines of code could prevent all future folder-opening suffering - Forever!!! :D

Is there a hero out there? Any one reading this who knows how to fix this?

Please!!! Make it so!!! Save the world!!! Make it a better place!!!

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Re: Open folder button?

Post by uoziod »

Completely agree with previous author. Now it's really inconvenient.
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