[feature request] Transmission - Automatic Save Folder

Feature requests for the GTK+ version of Transmission
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[feature request] Transmission - Automatic Save Folder

Post by lillox »

Hello everyone,
I wanted to propose a small improvement that would make it more user-friendly GUI Transmission.
I do not know if you know the Firefox plugin "Automatic Save Folder" https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefo ... ve-folder/
This useful plugin analyzes the pattern of the file and if someone recognizes it automatically sets the destination folder for download. :mrgreen:
I find it very useful in firefox and maybe it could be much more in the Transmission, when you find yourself downloading files that have a similar prefix.

In this way each .torrent should be automatically downloaded in the right place, especially those that are often downloaded, also for which there is only a version change.

The same principle could be applied to all types of files.

Thank you for your work and hope that this idea can be appreciated.
Lillox :)
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Re: [feature request] Transmission - Automatic Save Folder

Post by johndu »

The mac client already has something like this called groups, though it has yet to be added to the gtk version.

That said, I would really like to see this in later versions, would make organization alot easier.
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