Want user feedback on Desktop Proxy support

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Want user feedback on Desktop Proxy support

Post by Jordan »

There's a lot of unhappy people in https://trac.transmissionbt.com/ticket/3817 who don't like desktop proxy support. Are any forum users using this feature? If so, are you happy with it or is it a waste of time?
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Re: Want user feedback on Desktop Proxy support

Post by wyldphyre »

I'm not using the desktop proxying at the moment, but I just started investigating proxying to solve an issue I'm having. The discovery that the proxy facility has been removed from the application is a real bummer. If I *do* use a proxy (still working that out), I want to just do it for Transmission, not for the whole OS, so if the only option is to use the desktop proxy, I'll probably be looking at other apps, unfortunately.
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Re: Want user feedback on Desktop Proxy support

Post by Xgates »

First off if you're going to make a post like this, then include the OS of discussion, because as far as LInux is concerned the Proxy support was removed, as far as Windows or OSX versions I don't know...

But regardless of what OS having the Proxy support was a GREAT feature, not sure why anyone would think it's not.

As an example, the most popular piece of software out there ----> THE BROWSER, and they all have Proxy support, so consider that for a second. ;)

Tranmission should have proxy support 100%!

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