gsettings-schemas & gtk2

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gsettings-schemas & gtk2

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I recently compiled 2.73 in Linux and noticed that this requires gtk3 and gsettings-schemas.

A lot of the major Linux distros are running GTK3 but it has not completly taken over the GTK scene on all Linux distros...

Also it seems as though there's been a change to gsettings-schemas, because without it you can't access the preferences/options...

Looking at the building from source there's no mention of the gsettings-schemas, or any build choice to build without it;

gsettings-schemas is not a typical requirement in many LInux distros, only those that mainly favor running Gnome and the usage of Gnome libraries, but this certainly doesn't include all Linux distros out there using this, even though most of them still have access to it.

In Transmission 2.60 it was not using the gsettings-schemas and I wanted to ask for future versions of Transmission, can you please make gsettings-schemas so people can choose to use it or the old behaviour that's found in 2.60, if people want this instead of gsettings. Also can we please have the option to also use GTK2, along with GTK3?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, I truly hope these options will be included in future versions...

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