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Feature requests for the GTK+ version of Transmission
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Create a torrent

Post by thrantir »

this is my first post so hi ta all! :)

my question is very simple: is there a way to create a torrent from transmission-gtk?

thanks in advance
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Re: Create a torrent

Post by rablankenship »

I might late to the party, but there certainly is a way to make a torrent now! :). Simply click open Transmission, and go to File >> New Torrent in the menu, or press Ctrl+N.
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Re: Create a torrent

Post by SGResu »

Hi all,
I post here just to not create another thread.
I'm using the transmission app for my qnap ts-419pii, version is 2.83-b20.
there is no create torrent button.
how do I create it?

thank you
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