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Feature requests for the GTK+ version of Transmission
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Re: Scheduling downloads

Post by DuduMaroja »

I guess QUEUE is much more inportant then Shceduling.. Queue is just a mandatory feature for any good bittorrent client, and DHT too =p

I feel sad that GTK+ version is behind the Mac version.. it has so much potential!
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Re: Scheduling downloads

Post by didwah »

I too would love to see Scheduling added to the GTK+ client. I use a cron job as a work around but this is not very neat way of stopping an app.

+1 for this feature to be added.

Keep up the good work.
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Re: Scheduling downloads

Post by rayan »

Hello guys
In transmission preferences / speed, you can set the standard max download and upload to 0, then set the temporary speed limit schedule as per your need.
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Re: Scheduling downloads

Post by monkeylove »

Someone suggested cron, but I don't know how to use it. I have access to the shell, though, and I know a few Linux commands (I am running Transmission via a NAS and accessed through a web gui).
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