Transmission 1.31 - Ubuntu 8.04 packages

Feature requests for the GTK+ version of Transmission
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Transmission 1.31 - Ubuntu 8.04 packages

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The transmission packages floating around for ubuntu were unacceptable ( and whatnot), so i pulled the debian srcs and built these.
I'm posting them in case someone finds them usefull, building them in ubuntu isn't quite linear.


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transmission - free, lightweight BitTorrent client
 transmission-cli - free, lightweight BitTorrent client (command line interface)
 transmission-common - free, lightweight BitTorrent client
 transmission-gtk - free, lightweight BitTorrent client (graphical interface)
transmission-1.22 currently available in backports

Not in Debian yet, but builds quite nicely.

transmission-1.31 ... r.bz2.html
Didn't bundle the Clutch/Webserver part, though it seems to be working.
If you wish to use it, you can place the "web" folder either in ´$HOME/.local/share/transmission´ or ´/usr/local/share/transmission´
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Thank you!
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