Droboshare Transmission in the works?

Feature requests for the GTK+ version of Transmission
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Droboshare Transmission in the works?

Post by adamlogan »

Hi, I love transmission and use it regularly on my mac. I also own a Drobo & Droboshare, I came across this thread on the drobospace forum saying that someone was working on building a Transmission package for the Droboshare. That would be so cool. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about that? The address is -http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=385. In the post it specifically says that it the server side being built, not the client. Anyways, I think that would be wicked sweet though to have a server/client release for the droboshare.
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Re: Droboshare Transmission in the works?

Post by ahammond »

I'm running transmission on my Drobo + DroboShare using the web interface.
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