Seed Torrent Until option when opening a torrent

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Seed Torrent Until option when opening a torrent

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When I download, there's a certain tracker where I like to set my torrents to seed only to 1.0 and then stop. So, because I do this for only this one tracker and not others I can't use the global Stop Seeding At Ratio option. So instead, everytime I add a torrent to Transmission, I have to select the torrent, hit the Properties icon, and then under Options tick the Seed Torrent Until Hits Ratio box.

Would it be possible to implement this Seed Torrent Until Hits Ratio option on the Torrent Options dialog box when you open a torrent? You know, this box here:


This way I could tell Transmission to seed this torrent to only 1.0 before I even add it to the client. Instead of adding it to the client first, then selecting the torrent, hitting Properties then telling Transmission what to seed it to. This would just make things a little more convenient for us that seeds some torrents to a certain ratio but not all the others.

Is this possible, and pretty easy to implement? Thank you.
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