[locked, duplicate] Sorting by Groups

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[locked, duplicate] Sorting by Groups

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Is there any plan to make this an option for the Linux version? I know it's available for Mac.

I like this option because it shows you what torrents are under which tracker. The only option close to this for Linux is sorting by Tracker. Which it does lump torrents together for each tracker. But unlike the Mac version, you don't get a visual showing of tracker these torrents are for.

Is this planned for a future release? This is the closest thing to column interface that I have seen. Which I like the minimalistic approach Transmission takes. So I don't think a column interface is necessary. But I do like the idea of there being some kind of visual showing of what torrents belong to what trackers(like on the Mac version).


EDIT: Oops...I saw this was requested a couple threads down(I'm glad to see it's not only me wanting this option). My fault for not opening my eyes. Someone can lock this if they want to.
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Re: Sorting by Groups

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Locking duplicate thread; please continue this discussion here instead. Thanks!