[WebUI request] - new icon to verify torrents

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[WebUI request] - new icon to verify torrents

Postby seaseasea » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:18 pm


I use Transmission WebUI on my seedbox and view in Firefox v45 on a macbook pro (yosemite 10.10).

I would find it very helpful if there was an icon on Webui, to verify torrent. I get tired of right clicking on my trackpad (on a MacBookPro).

I am verifying torrents for at least 90% of the torrents I upload (which is many). I am verifying torrents as I load all my torrents on seedbox in paused state via dropbox from my local mac. Often the torrent file is there on seedbox before the physical file has got to the seedbox. Both go by dropbox from my local so I can do it anywhere (ie SSH is blocked in many places).

Could a verify icon, please be added?
If an option to reduce the font size of the icons made available, that be helpful too. Mine are like 100 times larger than any other icons.

Thankyou for your time.

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