How to Edit Config?

Discussion of the Web Interface for Transmission, formerly known as Clutch. This applies to all version of Transmission
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How to Edit Config?

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I have recently changed from Poussin's "Transmission for ReadyNAS" to NAStool's "Transmission NT v2.92-nt2" on my Netgear ReadyNAS 214. On the Poussin app it was easy to edit the settings.json file as it was conveniently located in a folder that could be directly opened on my Linux PC. By SSHing into the NAS I have been able to locate a settings.json file in /apps/nastools-transmission/etc, and copied it to a folder in the /data part of the NAS so that I can work on it, (the method I have used before on other apps), but the file cannot be opened - it says that I do not have permission and the Properties of the file say that the permissions "cannot be determined".

I am trying to increase the maximum number of simultaneous downloads above 5: am I doing something wrong, or is there an easier way to do this?


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Re: How to Edit Config?

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You have to stop Transmission first before editing. Try editing with sudo.
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