Web interface malfunctioning

Discussion of the Web Interface for Transmission, formerly known as Clutch. This applies to all version of Transmission
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Web interface malfunctioning

Post by BlueLizard »

Recently updated to the latest version on ubuntu 14.04.

I can access the web interface alright but when I do nothing shows up and non of the buttons work. They look like this:


There seems to be one missing. Any ideas?

EDIT: Seems to work in latest firefox but not in latest chrome
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Re: Web interface malfunctioning

Post by killemov »

Maybe change the title to: Chrome v?? not playing nice with transmission web-interface v?? ?
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Re: Chrome web viewer issue

Post by lolmatt »

I'm seeing the same issue - all of my torrents disappeared, the transmission speeds in the upper right are gone, and nothing happens when I click anything. This happened very suddenly and restarting Chrome, my WD device, and even reinstalling transmission didn't help.

When I move to Safari, I can see that everything is working properly.
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Re: Web interface malfunctioning

Post by mike.dld »

Did you guys check that nothing weird is selected in torrent state and tracker combos and/or entered into filter text input? If that's not the case, please open up Developer Tools (with F12 or something) and check out error/warning messages in Console tab (excluding "Synchronous XMLHttpRequest" and "409 (Conflict)" ones). FWIW works fine here with Chrome 71 on Mac and Transmission 2.94.
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Re: Web interface malfunctioning

Post by Henry_Hunter »

Thank you, there was a similar problem and your solution helped to eliminate it. And then I thought that the problem was with my web application the the creation of which the company https://do-it-solutions.com/ was engaged. But not with the interface exactly
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