WebUI add torrent files not working.

Discussion of the Web Interface for Transmission, formerly known as Clutch. This applies to all version of Transmission
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WebUI add torrent files not working.

Post by lilw »

I use the latest version 2.94 on Buffalo NAS LS420D. I get it from Synology packages.
When access transmission via webui, I can't add new torrent using browse files. I check it with my PC and macbook, it all the same.

And on iPhone, the Browse torrent file option is missing. So basically, the webui just for monitoring and stop or pause a job. Can't add new torrent here. I can only add torrent via transmission-remote-gui. Please help me with this.
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Re: WebUI add torrent files not working.

Post by killemov »

Try Shift and report any issues. Even though Shift was developed for Firefox, I have reports on it working just as well on the usual phone browsers.
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