Clutch Merges with Transmission!

Discussion of the Web Interface for Transmission, formerly known as Clutch. This applies to all version of Transmission
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Re: Clutch Merges with Transmission!

Postby cheongseeker » Sun Nov 02, 2008 6:06 pm

fschaeckermann wrote:Why do you need multiple username:password pairs? There is no granular authorization for the various actions anyway. Each user would be allowed to do whatever he/she liked. And adding that would mean a lot of work, since you need to have a whole authentication and authorization management system with it.

Hi Frank,

I'm setting it on my DNS-323 and will be maintaining it. However, my brother wants to be able to access it when he is not at home. I know that I can just use one username:password by just letting him know the one that I had set up. I was just thinking of setting a different username:password just for his access.

What do you mean by "Each user would be allowed to do whatever he/she liked."? Do you mean that I create a user for access to log in to the DNS-323 via telnet?


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Re: Clutch Merges with Transmission!

Postby lollerskates » Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:25 pm

cheongseeker wrote:What do you mean by "Each user would be allowed to do whatever he/she liked."?

He means there are no access restrictions built into the software, so there is no point to multiple logins.

Just come up with a un:pw that you two can share, and share. Those of you with the desire to switch to transmission/clutch as a seedbox user management system, I believe, will need to code this yourselves or just use rtorrent with one of the many webUI's that support this.

I myself am content with the single user login, and would rather the developers concentrate on improvements to the UI itself.

I would really love to see the system load average and hard drive space in the bottom "task bar" next to the settings button !!!

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