v2.94 Just Broke! Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS

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v2.94 Just Broke! Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS

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I have been running Transmission v2.94 on my Ubuntu MATE server since I built the machine in 2020. But the past several days it's gone completely bonkers! I can download a .torrent file and open it, but nothing then happens. I check properties and it says "Downloading" but I get nothing. I cannot access the web interface, and removing and re-installing the program doesn't solve the problem.

For comparison purposes, I started v3.0.0 on a Mac and downloaded the exact same torrent from the same site without any problems.

I've checked the firewall on my Linux server and at my router. The assigned port is open but in the Preferences->Network tab the port status is "unknown." If I test the port it reports "closed." On the Mac, I can download from a variety of sources; none of the sources fetches any data on the Linux box.

I've checked the network, the firewall, and removed and reinstalled Transmission (btw, v2.94 is still being reported as the latest version, even though it's not according to TransmissionBT.com.

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