Local Data will not verify

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Local Data will not verify

Post by totallyspun » Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:19 am


I'm running Transmission 1.93 on Ubuntu 9.10 LTS.

Recently I had some router issues and was subsequently offline for a couple of days. When I resolved the issue and restored my router settings and came back online, I noticed about 30 of my seeding torrents (of 700) were showing at 0% complete or slightly higher (those that had just started redownloading). I have checked the files (all mp3s) and they all play fine no matter the per cent complete in Transmission.

I have tried
  • verifying local data
  • moving the torrent via Set Location to another folder and then back pointing to the existing files, verify local data
  • removing the torrent and re-downloading from the original site and pointing at existing files, verify local data
  • deleting the files, copying over network from my Mac and re-adding the torrent pointing to those newly copied files, verify local data
I have also experimented with one torrent by allowing it to download completely (the rest are paused indefinitely now). It downloaded the data from peers and overwrote the existing files, exact same size on disc as prior and/or during the download. No discerable difference in playback.

I have searched around on here and the closest threads were all OS X specific. I'm not sure if this is a GTK+ version issue or just a general data verification issue related to my router issues, but would really appreciate any communtiy support or suggestions that could help me reseed these files.


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