Port closed/port forwarding

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Port closed/port forwarding

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I am new to to torrents in general and transmission specifically and could use some help . I have used the help function in transmission as well as the wiki data base but still have issues with port being closed .

Canyouseeme can't verify due to connection timeout . IFW material i do not understand . I can use transmission for p2p but it's so slow it is of no benefit and i assume that is because of the port being closed . Can someone assist me in getting the port open ?

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Re: Port closed/port forwarding

Post by rb07 »

snoopy66 wrote:still have issues with port being closed
is not a symptom of this
snoopy66 wrote:it's so slow
If it transfers both ways (download/upload) then the port is probably not closed, the speed is something else (and there is a Wiki article about Slow speeds).

So first thing is to be certain of what the problem is. The port can be tested with Transmission (I assume you are using the latest Transmission-GTK on Linux, or perhaps an older version that came with your Linux distribution) using its "Preferences" panel, on the Network tab there should be a button "Test port", it takes a few seconds.
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